Fully engineered Designed to last Make more money
Made in America! The Bin Halo has been designed with safety in mind. The Bin Halo circular spreader bar lifing system prototypes have been repleatdedly field tested. All parts have been fully tested and certified with an engineering stamp.
Bin Halos can be set up in an hour or less. Job sites need less equipment. Grain bins built with the Bin Halo circular spreader bar lifting system yield more profit for your bottom line.
Bin Halos are maufactured with hardened steel and cut with a laser so parts are near perfect everytime. Why such a standard of quality? Because we are focused on existing customers buying additonal systems, not replacement parts.
Bin Halo Initial Set Up

Bin Halo - The world's easiest circular spreader bar grain bin lifting system.

Save Time with the Bin Halo

  • Setup and tear down fast and simple
  • Easy to handle without forklift or telehandlers
  • No internal hardware to remove
  • Store entire system in a small space

The Bin Halo is Customizable

  • Customizable to fit your specific needs
  • Fully Adjustable up to 36 ft diameter
  • Add or remove sections as the project requires
  • Up to 60 ft grain bin sidewalls supported

Bin Halo Saftey

  • Even support keeps bin level and round
  • Meets OSHA safety standards
  • Meets ASME BTH-1-2011 Mechanical Engineering Standard
  • No personnel needed inside supported structure

Bin Halo Specifications

  • Each section supports 3000 lbs concurrently
  • Equipment made by industry professionals
  • Engineer approved
  • Functions similar to a round spreader bar
  • Unique design allows for unlimited applications
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Patent pending